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PUK Electrodes

Replacement PUK Electrodes

Pack of 10 electrodes for the PUK Welder - 10 electrodes will last 6-12 months with average machine use.
PUK electrodes are available in both the original Wolfram (Wla) alloy and newer Inostar which are alloyed with mixed oxides having lower electrical resistance giving a cleaner weld, and remaining sharper for longer.

Both alloys of electrodes are available in 0.5mm 0.6mm & 0.8mm – the two smaller diameter electrodes fit the standard 0.5mm handpiece collet – 0.8mm electrodes require a 0.8mm collet (included in both versions of the PUK5 kit).

Each pack of 10 electrodes includes a Diamond sharpening disc which fits your Pendant drill or Micromotor or alternatively there is a hand held mains 'plug in' sharpener (TOOLSLZ56M).

All Lampert electrodes are non-radioactive.

Product Name Price Qty
10 Puk Electrodes 0.50mm TOOLSLZS15

Pack of 10 replacement 0.5mm electrodes for the Easi-Welder. 10 electrodes will last 6-12 months with average machine usage.

Inostar PUKElectrodes 0.5mm TOOLSLZ015

Pack of 10, 0.5mm Inostar electrodes for the PUK welder. 10 electrodes will last 6-12 months with average machine usage. These new Inostart tungsten electrodes are alloyed with mixed oxides to improve the strike characteristics, with a high current-carrying capacity and longer service life. Includes diamond sharpening.


These 0.6mm electrodes fit the standard collett supplied with the PUK welder

Inostar PUK Electrodes 0.8mm TOOLSLAZI8


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Product Description


The standard electrodes for all PUK machines.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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