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  • Foredom Flex Shaft Motor Kit With Pepe Jump Ring Maker Kit

    Combined Kit from FOREDOM & PEPE Tools featuring Foredom’s most popular Series SR Motor; 1/6hp 18,000 rpm motor with forward & reverse, Variable speed foot control and Foredom’s most popular H.30 Quick Release Handpiece ideal for general purpose for use with 2.35mm shank burrs. This is combined with the Pepe Tools Jump Ring Maker designed for use with the Foredom H.30 Handpiece. The maker is supplied with 20 mandrels from 2.5mm – 12mm in 0.5 mm increments. Simply fit the chosen mandrel into the keyless chuck and coil your wire onto the mandrel by turning the handle to create the desired quantity of jump rings. Remove the coil from the mandrel and place it onto the coil holder. Attach the sawblade holder to a Foredom No. 30 hand piece and then safely cut your coil into jump rings with the rotary saw blade. To preserve the life of your sawblade where you have drawn your own wire, we recommend that the wire is annealed before coiling. Powder coated black aluminium base. Includes PepeLube and Blade. Do not use with Stainless Steel. Made in U.S.A. FREE Accessory kit with rotating burr stand also included: 43 Piece Accessory Kit includes; assortment of metal working accessories including various shapes, sizes and grits of Satin Finishers, Bristle and Brass Cup, Wheel & End Brushes, Scotch-Brite, Radial Bristle Discs, High Speed Steel Fluted Engraving Burs, Rubber Bonded Abrasive Wheel and Disc, Purple Ceramic Sanding Bands, Screw and Rubber Drum Mandrels, V Stone and Unitized Points, and Platinum White Polishing Compound and 1 x Rotating Burr Holder.
  • University Starter Kit

    The University Starter Kit contains the tools to get you started on your Jewellery and Metalwork University course. The kit contains the following: 

    • TOOLSAVCMP Bench peg with Anvil & Clamp - Clamps to any work surface up to 40mm thickness
    • TOOLSFD002 Wooden File Handle 100mm x 2
    • TOOLSFN644 Set of 12 Needle Files
    • TOOLSFSE18 Budget Half Round Ring File Cut 2 150mm
    • TOOLSWAHRF Swiss Hand Flat File Cut 2 150mm
    • TOOLSCL026 75mm Dividers
    • TOOLSMT007 Scriber 114mm - Used to mark lines on metal work pieces
    • TOOLSMT010 Centre Punch
    • TOOLSMT023 100mm steel square
    • TOOLSMT035 Steel Ruler 300mm
    • TOOLSCL030 Digital Vernier Gauge
    • TOOLSSP122 Pliers set
    • TOOLSRC004 Ring Clamp
    • TOOLSPARPL 140mm Maun Parallel Pliers
    • SUNDYBUTAN Butane Lighter Fuel for hand torch
    • TOOLSSA35B Brush for use with borax
    • TOOLSBDISH Ceramic Borax dish - Use with a borax cone and water to create a smooth paste to use as a flux for soldering
    • BORAXCONES Borax Cone
    • TOOLSPMBLK Torch Block 12.5cm x 7.5cm x 2.5cm - Long lasting and perfect for applying heat when soldering
    • TOOLSPMTSI Hand Torch - To heat/solder small items (Maximum Temperature 1300c, Adjustable Flame, Instant Ignition)
    • TOOLSSS010 Straight Shears 175mm - Use to cut, solder fine wire and sheet
    • TOOLSSW006 Jaguar Sawblades 2/0 x 2 bundles of 12
    • TOOLSSWE42 Economy Fixed Saw Frame 80mm
    • TOOLSTWE03 Tweezers
    • TOOLSTW007/TW008 Straight/Bent Insulated Crossover Tweezers - Support pieces when soldering
    • TOOLSHM008 Ball Pein Hammer
    • TOOLSML002 Hide Mallet
    • TOOLSSTMC4 Toolbox
  • Complete Polishing Kit

    A great kit to start polishing in your own workshop, with our most popular 1/2 hp motor and all of the mops and polish you'll need for jewellery polishing. Includes; 1/2 hp Polishing Motor with spindles 4" x 1" B Pre Polishing Mop 4" x 1" S Finishing Mop Taper Felt Ring Bob 48mm Black Bristle Polishing Brush 82mm Black Bristle Polishing Brush 100mm Fine Fibral Wheel Lustre Pre-Polish Compound Dialux Red Pack of 10 Dust Masks
  • Delft Casting System Kit 1

    Delft Clay Casting is a unique and inexpensive casting system producing unrivalled definition and casting quality. A propane torch, crucible, crucible holder and delft clay and casting rings are required to get started. The clay is made from a special compound which if kept in an airtight container will stay moist and reusable for many years. This kit comprises of: 2kg delft clay Set of the 60mm delft casting aluminium rings Instructional DVD.
  • Beginners Wax Kit

    Introducing the Beginners Wax Kit. This wax kit is perfect for starters in wax carving. The kit comprises of: TOOLSWX025 Wax Pen - Battery Operated TOOLSWX031 Wax Carving Tools – Set of 12 tools TOOLSRS012 Ring Wax Sizer TOOLSWWTR1 Wax Ring Tube – Blue 150mm TOOLSWX057 Wax File Double-Ended TOOLSWXSB1 Spiral Wax Saw blades – 1 bundle of 12 TOOLSWWBB3 Wax Slices – Blue 245g
  • Basic Hand Tools Starter Kit

    A great starter kit of the most important hand tools, great for students, to add to your existing tool box or to give as a gift. Set includes; Set of 5 pliers TOOLSGSAW3 Budget Fixed Saw Frame TOOLSSW006 2/0 Saw Blades (2 bundles) TOOLSAVCMP Bench Pin & Anvil TOOLSDR002 Archimedes Drill TOOLSDS080 & TOOLSDS010 0.80mm & 1.00mm twist drills TOOLSFN644 Set of 12 budget needle files
  • Basic Bench Tools Kit

    Our best selling kit includes Set of 5 pliers Budget shears Scriber 150mm steel rule 75mm steel square A4 tweezer Brass vernier
  • Rotary Tools Kit

    A starter set of rotary polishing tools to use in your pendant drill. Includes; Plastic Burr Stand 7 x Mounted Wheels 3 x Mounted Felts 2 x Radial Disc Sets 4 x Unmounted Eve Polishers 1 x Screw Top Mandrel 4 x EveFlex Mounted Polishing Point
  • Economy Set of 5 Pliers

    The Economy Set of Pliers includes Flat nose, Round nose, Snipe nose, Half Round ring pliers and End cutter. All are box jointed and have P.V.C handles for comfort. Please note, wooden stand not included.

9 Item(s)

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