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GRS Microscopes And Accessories

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    Imagine seeing twenty times better than any time in your life. Instantly, you do finer work. Magnified up to 22.5x, you see clearly what your hands and tools are doing. No longer will your eyes limit your engraving, stone-setting, jewellery making or other work. Your finished work now exhibits the striking beauty and precision you've strived for. Looking through this microscope, jewellers set every stone perfectly the first time... even intricate settings with tiny stones. Fragile or odd-shaped stones are easy to mount with far less risk of breaking. Many jewellers use this microscope to make more money by routinely doing jobs they previously avoided. Engravers add the finest details to bring their work alive. No patterns are too small or complex. Pieces engraved under this microscope are recognized as higher level work by ordinary people and qualified judges. Beginners and master engravers are amazed and delighted that their present skills produce such beautiful work just by using the microscope. Imagine no eye strain - hour after hour, your eyes stay fresh and sharp. Includes stereo zoom microscope body, 0.5 objective lens. Other magnifications and working distances available. Magnification Range: 3.5 to 22.5 Working distance: 6" (150mm). This item will have to be sent via UK Mail Hazardous Materials & Liquids Only This item will have to be sent via UK Mail Hazardous Materials & Liquids Only
  • GRS Acrobat Microscope Stand

    Gives outstanding flexibility when positioning your microscope. Easily positioned stays in place and swings away when not required. Fixes easily to the back of any standard bench This innovative GRS Acrobat Stand is a truly flexible solution for the EMZ-5 Acrobat Microscope .Quickly adjust vertically and horizontally to a variety of workholding situations, or swing the Acrobat Stand to either side when not in use. Set the arm resistance as desired or lock it in position. The built-in headrest reduces neck and back strain. This item will have to be sent via UK Mail Hazardous Materials & Liquids Only

    The new GRS compact mount attaches to the stem of the ball pivot on a GRS Acrobat Stand and can be configured on the left or right of the microscope The installed RAM ball mounting components allow a wide range of positioning options. Fits any camera model with a standard 1/4'' x 20 mount capability. This item will have to be sent via UK Mail Hazardous Materials & Liquids Only
  • GRS Optia LED Ring Light

    With natural spectrum LED lighting and adjustable brightness this LED ring light is easily added to most microscopes using the three adjustable screw threads. 220 V model.

    The GRS Replacement Ring Bulb is an extra bright circular fluorescent bulb that gives cool, glare-free illumination. Fits GRS/Meiji microscopes and many others.
  • Adjustable Height Bracket & Fixed Mounting Plate Kit

    Allows an additional 4"/101.6mm to your work support. Adjustable in 1/2''/12.7mm increments. Includes the GRS Fixed Mounting Plate.

6 Item(s)

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