Waste Management

Recognising the ever increasing restrictions being imposed on waste movements and the need to work with customers to develop integrated waste management solutions, Betts Envirometal was established to provide a complete, specialised waste management service; initially for the industries in which Betts has always operated.

In the seven years Envirometal has been operating, the restrictions, rules and bureaucracy governing the production, transportation and treatment of wastes have increased at an unprecedented and overbearing rate.

The impact of tighter regulation is costly and time consuming and may have drawn your management away from their primary objectives. Legislation has placed the onus upon the waste producer to ensure that their wastes are dealt with correctly. So How Can Betts Envirometal Help YOU?

Betts Envirometal exists purely to solve this problem, by managing our customers' waste for them. With our state of the art factories, specialist transport fleet comprehensive licenses and exemplary Health & Safety record, we are capable of processing almost any type of 'special' or 'controlled' waste from any industry at competitive prices. Whist we specialise in the treatment and disposal of 'special' and 'controlled' wastes, we are conscious of the need to provide a total waste management solution. This means that we aim to dispose of all the associated wastes produced by our customers irrespective of their nature. Fully accredited to ISO 14001 environmental and ISO 9001:2000 standards