Refining Services




With roots back to 1760, Stephen Betts & Sons is one of the oldest and best trusted name in the refining world. Through over 250 years of specialism in recovering and refining precious metals, we have always remained independant, committed to technical innovation, ethical practices and above all to creating close, long term relationships with our customers.

We pride ourselves in being able to recover precious metals cheaply and efficiently from almost any source. Our refining facilities in Kent, Kidderminster, Birmingham and Derbyshire, combined with the technical proficiency of our highly experienced and adaptable workforce allow us to provide the most complete and efficient refining service offering in the country.


Clean Scrap

We utilise XRF technology to accurately assess the value of clean scrap, allowing us to offer immediate payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer. We can alternatively credit a BMS account, metal account or provide physical metal.


Stone Set Recovery

As one of only two companies in the country to offer specialist diamond stone recovery service, we are able to significantly increase the value of our customers' scrap by providing a complete recovery solution. The wet chemical procedure during the refining process allows us to extract diamonds and other gemstones from scrap jewellery without damaging them


Sweeps and Lemels

We believe our refining expertise and equipment allow us to provide the best possible returns to customers and we are capable of processing all forms of lemel and sweep quickly and efficiently. We can provide free post bags for lemels which can be collected by our representatives


Workshop Services

Jewellery Workshops contain a wealth of precious metal sources. Many jewellers are surprised by how much precious metal can be trodden into a carpet or washed down the sink. We are highly proficient at recovering metal from all sources, whether through installing hand wash tanks or by refining filters, polishing rags, vacuum bags or carpets


9999 Refining 

We are one of only three fine gold refineries in the UK. This technical ability not only gives us the ability to return our customers own metal at investment grade purity, it also makes us more competitive and also allows us to offer investment and bullion products from guaranteed 100% recycled gold


FairTrade Refining 

We are proud to currently be the only UK refinery audited and FLOCERT accredited to produce FairTrade Gold and Silver. Once refined, this FairTrade metal can also be fabricated into a broad range of bullion products through our manufacturing division



We are able to extract precious metals from a wide range of solutions, including bombing solutions, plating solutions, photographic fixer and many more. Our environmental licenses allow us to collect, process and dispose of a huge range of hazardous solutions


Industrial Sources 

Our refining services extend well beyond the jewellery industry. We recover and recycle precious metals from a hugely diverse range of sources such as x-ray film from the medical industry, brazing alloys from the aerospace industry or sputtering targets from the electroplating industry. We are capable of extracting precious metals from almost any source



Key benefits of using Stephen Betts & Sons

No minimum job size 

Same day turnaround for scrap and lemel 

Unrivalled technical competence 

In-house processing where we retain full control at every stage 

Flexible payment terms 

Low charges, starting from £20 for melting (no charge for clean scrap) 

Free post bags 

Highly competitive returns 

Exemplary environmental and health and safety record 

Great customer service