Fairtrade and Recycled Metals








We are FLOCERT accredited to process Fairtrade Gold

FLOCERT is an independent body that ensures producers and traders comply with the FLO International

Fairtrade Standards.


Fairtrade safeguards the ethical mining of Gold, in turn, making sure miners, miner’s families and

communities dependent on their trade get a fair return for their hard work. This includes makings sure

small scale artisanal miners are given a fair price for their product, as well as being provided with a

premium to improve their businesses and contribute toward amenities such as healthcare, clean water and



These hard working small scale miners account for around 90% of the entire gold mining workforce and

produce around 2-300 tonnes every year!


Fairtrade is renowned worldwide not only for helping those at the bottom of a long and complex trade

structure but also globally raising awareness of inequality and driving up standards across the board. 


We not only sell Fairtrade gold but we are the only UK refiners able to alloy your own FairTrade Gold,

turning it into a wide range of products!


Our Fairtrade number is: 26139



Recycled Metals




We can produce products from recycled metals. You can either send in your item for us to melt down and

turn into you new requested product, or we can produce your product from our recycled metal.


If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us and we will be happy to help.