high-performance gas-generating soldering unit producing a high-temperature flame - in the range of 1200-3300°C - with a reliable, low-cost and safe operation.

Perfect for soldering fine joints quickly in all precious metals, the microwelder uses a range of different nozzles for easily adjustable flame size and flexible flame control.


Simply provide Distilled water and atomiser fluid ( M.E.K Methyl-ethyl-ketone. )


Why would I need a Microwelder?


The Microwelder is perfect for assembling components, jobbing and repairs where a precise hot flame is required for a quick solder joint – It’s high-temperature range will easily melt most platinum solders (eye protection recommended when soldering Platinum).




Torch and Torch Tips


Gas pressure and the volume of gas production directed to the light precision torch are controlled automatically. To adjust the flame in seconds, you needs only to select the torch tip providing the requisite flame size for any given task. All Microwelders are supplied with a torch and 12 torch tips in a variety of sizes according to the model selected.