Traditional values, 21st Century service

The Stephen Betts Group combines four businesses, with a common theme of precious metals running throughout the Group:

Stephen Betts & Sons Ltd combines the wealth of experience generated from over a quarter of a millennium of operation, with modern, technically advanced processes, to provide a complete service in the smelting and refining of precious metals. The company’s factory contains the latest in recovery equipment, which makes possible the smelting and refining of lower grade wastes containing precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Precious metals can be recovered from many different sources and processes. We recover precious metals from all types of waste; particularly those generated by the jewellery, ceramic, photographic, industrial and dental professions, although our experience also covers many other industries.

Whatever the source, our highly trained staff process the materials to ensure the highest possible recovery of precious metals. All recovered materials are sampled and assayed independently to ensure a transparent process, and the customer is informed of the value in line with London market prices. Betts Metal Sales Ltd was established in 1985, to complement the smelting and refining services of Stephen Betts & Sons. It provides a complete service to the manufacturing jeweller by offering a wide range of precious metal products and jewellery supplies. Our trade counter in Spencer Street is comprehensively stocked to meet the needs of the manufacturing jeweller. The huge range of products includes wedding ring blanks, finished jewellery, findings in gold and silver, sheet, wire, tube, grain, tools and more. Products are available over-the-counter, by phone and can also be bought online.

Betts Investments is part of The Stephen Betts Group of businesses which are all active in the precious metals industry. We believe this website offers investors a simple and informed platform for precious metal investment. Investing in physical precious metals is simple, and we do not believe there is any need for a vast and bewildering range of investment products, preferring to simply offer those products which represent the best value investments for our customers.

Betts Metal Sales offers a fast, friendly and professional service, with orders processed via a rapid postal service throughout Britain, Ireland and continental Europe. What is more, Betts Metal Sales operates on a no minimum quantity – no minimum charge basis, making it a convenient and cost effective proposition. Betts Metal Sales representatives cover the country on a regular basis.

Betts Envirometal was established in 1997, recognising the ever increasing restrictions being imposed on waste movements, and the need to work with customers to develop integrated waste management solutions. Having acquired Global Envirotec Services in the south of England in 2002, Betts Envirometal offers a complete, fully licensed, specialised waste management service across the country for the industries in which Betts has always operated. Betts Envirometal offers a broad range of waste management services, but particularly specialises in the confidential storage and destruction of x-ray film, offering a fully recycled, environmentally sound and cost effective alternative to landfill.

Already active in the dental industry through Stephen Betts & Sons’ refining operations, the Group acquired Charles Booth Ltd, a high quality UK dental alloy manufacturer supplying precious and non-precious materials for crown and bridge restorations, in 2002. This acquisition has allowed Charles Booth to offer a more complete service to its customers courtesy of being backed by Stephen Betts & Sons’ refining capabilities, whilst allowing the Group to realise production and refining synergies.