Over 250 Years of Betts

Betts Metal Sales is a member of the Stephen Betts Group. The original family business, specialising in smelting and refining bullion, was founded in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter by Alexander Betts at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution in 1760. Now with its ninth consecutive generation in the business, the Betts family has been directly associated with the recovery of precious metals and the jewellery industry for over a quarter of a millennium.

With the advent of the internet and state of the art manufacturing and customer management systems, the business is almost unrecognisably different from the days of the industrial revolution, but some things never change: Our core commitments to service and quality have endured through the centuries and will always remain central to our business.

Betts Metal Sales

At Betts Metal Sales, we aim to provide an excellent and personal service to all our customers. We want our customers to feel they are dealing with real people who both understand their businesses and genuinely care about them. We always listen to what our customers want, which is why you will find so many new products on this website!

Betts Metal Sales focuses on servicing the needs of manufacturing jewellers, designers, jewellery students and hobbyists by supplying a comprehensive range of bullion and jewellery supplies, backed up with excellent customer service from highly experienced staff.

Betts Metal Sales sells bullion (such as sheet, wire, tube, solder and grain), wedding ring blanks, stampings, castings, findings and finished jewellery in platinum, gold, palladium and silver. We also offer jeweller's tools and a comprehensive range of jewellery services, such as hallmarking, polishing and engraving.

About Betts Metals

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