"I was over the moon with the prompt service I received with my wedding ring order. The wedding was pushed forward unexpectedly but they got it to me with time to spare!"
Jenny from Cornwall

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Designer Showcase

Our designer showcase is a fantastic marketing platform for any designer/maker who uses Betts Metal's products. Do you want to be seen? Then this is for you. If you are interested in this FREE opportunity then click here to send us an email and we'll get back to you. 


Fiona Hutchinson

Fiona uses her passion for Jewellery and Gemstones to create beautiful, organic wearable pieces. Working from her Sussex workshop, Fiona's range includes inspiration taken from peppercorns, cloves and star anise which she casts to create a unique and special items of Jewellery. 

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Chocolate Diamonds

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October Birthstone

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Refining Services

The Group has its own refining, smelting and processing factory, using state of the art technology to extract precious metals from a huge variety of industrial sources. This facility enables us to maximise returns to our customers on almost all wastes containing precious metals.


We can receive your scrap by a variety of means:

National network of representatives who can collect from you (dependant on area) or who can advise

Free collection using our own vehicles (dependant on area and volume)

Through our trade counter

Our dedicated team offer a fast, efficient and confidential operation. We pride ourselves on our integrity and ability to offer the personal service required.

Click here for more information, or call us on 0121 233 2413


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